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Environmentally Friendly

Renewable products made from bamboo regenerates within 5 years as opposed to 60-100 years for comparable hardwoods. This makes bamboo an ideal option for a sustainable environment.

Stronger & Durable

Strand Woven technology fuses bamboo into an extremely dense and hard material that has twice the indentation resistance of Red Oak (Janka 2600 PSI Vs. Red Oak 1200 PSI).

Indoor Air Quality Certified

Strand Woven technology is hypoallergenic, nonpollutant and termite and allergy resistant, with emission levels much lower than WHO standards (E1, 0.0155 ppm). Therefore, it is a safer and healthier choice.

Greater Stability

The patented manufacturing process of Strand Woven bamboo ensures low moisture levels, minimum contraction and expansion (up to 50% lesser than hardwood timber products).


The superior quality coating system will ensure that the surfaces are lasting, easy to clean and maintain.

Easy Installation

The assembly of our Strand Woven bamboo flooring and decking system is simple and fuss free. It can be quickly installed and retains its form through its lifespan.

Wide Range

We carry a wide range of colours for various applications and aesthetic effects.

Residential and Commercial Applications

Styleline flooring’s unique characteristics and inherent durability enables it to be suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Quality Waranty

Structural Warranty: 10 years

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